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Is Your Second Home a Short-Term Rental?

Is Your Second Home a Short-Term Rental?

A popular way to earn money is to rent out your home for vacationers. Vacation rentals are often cheaper than hotels while still equipped like a regular home, which makes them very attractive to travelers. These are also known as second homes. As the homeowner, it’s important to protect yourself with adequate short-term rental insurance. Short-term rental insurance can be a specialty coverage or an endorsement that is added to your homeowner’s insurance policy. 

Your short-term rental insurance protects you, your belongings, your renters and their personal property from damage. Covered events can include theft, fire and other natural disasters, and even willful destruction. To qualify for short-term coverage, the rental period must be 30 day rentals or less.

Why Do You Need Short-Term Rental Insurance?

Why Do You Need Short-Term Rental Insurance?

Short-term rental insurance is absolutely necessary if you want to rent out your second home. Your home is one of your greatest assets. Without adequate insurance coverage, you’re putting that asset at risk. Renters aren’t usually as careful about your home as you would be, especially when they’re only there for a short amount of time. It’s not that they destroy things on purpose, but they don’t know the home and may easily cause accidental damage.

If you have renters staying in your home while a disaster occurs, your regular homeowner’s insurance policy probably won’t cover it. If the damage is caused by your renters, you’re stuck with paying for the repairs. In a worst-case scenario, a renter may even cause an insect infestation while staying in your home or steal your identity. An insurance policy can have provisions for extraordinary cases like that, too.

What Your Rental Insurance Should Cover

What Your Rental Insurance Should Cover

To secure your property, a short-term rental policy should cover:

  • Property damage to the dwelling or structure of your home caused by natural disaster, theft, vandalism etc.
  • Liability coverage to reimburse legal costs in case of a claim against you
  • Your belongings stored on the premises in case of damage or theft by the renters

You may need additional coverage, depending on your property. For example, a house with a pool can pose a greater risk of liability, so you’ll probably want to increase your limit. Our insurance experts can help you determine the type and amount of coverage you need.

FAQs about Short-Term Rental Insurance

You should never just rent out your house without securing the appropriate insurance policy. Assuming your neighborhood regulations allow you to rent out your place, the next step is to get the best coverage. We’ll answer some of the most common questions for you here. For advice specific to your situation, please call us.

What Type of Insurance Do I Need for a Vacation Rental Property?
Your short-term rental insurance should cover all the things your regular homeowner’s insurance policy covers, too, but it needs to include the use of the home as a rental. Your policy should protect you from financial loss because of natural disasters, flooding, insect infestations, and interior damage to the property. You also want to cover your belongings inside the home, including major appliances, furniture, and your personal property. Finally, you must have liability coverage to protect yourself from legal claims.

What Counts As a Short-Term Rental?
A short-term rental is a rental agreement that is shorter than the regular 12-month lease. It can be 6 months or significantly less. Your renters may only come for one night or stay an entire month. If you rent out your place for a year or longer, you’ll probably have to get a different insurance policy, such as a landlord policy.

How Do You Secure a Short-Term Rental?
Before you rent out your home, it’s important to discuss this with your insurance agent. You’ll probably need your homeowner’s insurance policy and any other documentation about the home to secure the short-term rental policy. We’ll also ask you some questions about how many renters you will accept and what their expected average length of stay will be. Then we’ll put together a package for you that protects your home and belongings.

Call Us Today for a Quote

Call Us Today for a Quote

Let us help you secure your second home for short-term renters by providing you with the best coverage possible. We’ll review your requirements and find the right policy for your situation. Don’t put your home at risk by skipping this important step. We’ll help you make your short-term rental adventures a success. Call us today for more information.